We strive towards an inclusive and diverse civil society

Creating Networks

We provide a platform for networking, know-how sharing, and mutual support among various civil society actors

Bridging the Gap

We host events, seminars, and training to foster intercultural openness and facilitate civic participation for multilingual Prague residents with migration backgrounds

Strengthening Alliances

We foster cooperation among civil society organizations, civic initiatives, and institutions to build an inclusive community. We work closely with the Prague City Hall and other institutions. 

Unlocking the Potential

We provide education, counseling, and mentoring to help people acquire the competences and skills necessary for civic participation.

Did you know that one in four Prague residents have a migratory background? That is nearly 350,000 people! It might be you, your friend, your grocer, or your neighbor. Join us in building a vibrant civil society, where every person can shape our city’s life.

In our fast-changing city, everyone should have the right to shape public spaces and participate in solving public and community issues that affect us, no matter where we come from or what language we speak. That’s why we strive to include more voices through education, collaboration, and networking. 


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