Our partners and supporters

Our values

Cooperation is fundamental to almost all MigAct’s activities. It means working together in a transparent, constructive, respectful manner, based on shared values and goals. We cooperate within the MigAct community, as well as with external partners in the wider society. Working together in this way is how we achieve MigAct’s vision and mission.
It signifies that MigAct aims at creating a community of individuals with diverse backgrounds who recognise and value the uniqueness of one another. MigAct is a space where people can openly present and share their various experiences, culture and perspectives. It is based on the belief that respecting diversity is the foundation of social unity.y
In MigAct we consider responsibility a human value which implies to make decisions consciously and bare the consequences that may derive from them. We understand it as a commitment towards others and towards society as a whole to fulfill the agreements and promises we make and the obligations we may have as actors within the civil society.
In MigAct we recognize and address barriers to provide opportunity for all individuals and communities to get involved in civil society and its development. MigAct strives to establish values and systems that ensure fairness and justice.
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