Our team

Natallia Allen
Co-Founder, Program Manager

Natallia is one of the founders of MigAct, where she leads project development, strategic fundraising, partnership building, and networking efforts. With more than a decade of experience in civil society organizations in the Czech Republic and abroad, she brings expertise in civic participation, NGO management, education, migration and integration projects. Motivated by her personal migration journey, Natallia is passionate about advancing civil society development and fostering meaningful participation, particularly among marginalized groups. Beyond her professional and civic pursuits, she finds joy in reading and indulging in long walks in nature.

Contact: natallia@migact.net

Mónica Márquez
Co-Founder, Community building manager

I am a co-founder of MigAct, where I co-lead the development and strategic planning of the organization, with a focus on building a strong community and networks. I am a social communicator, intercultural worker, and a socio-cultural anthropologist in progress. As a natural networker, I love connecting with people and making things happen. Since arriving in Czechia in 2006, I have been actively involved in the civil society sector, working in various roles primarily within the fields of culture and integration. My experience includes organizing two cultural festivals, delivering workshops on intercultural competencies for civil servants, providing counseling for foreigners, and conducting events and workshops aimed at fostering cooperation between people. For me, civic engagement is essential; it’s a way to strive for a healthier and more just society. Outside of my professional life, I love hiking, spending time with my child, investing in personal growth, and continuously learning new things.

Contact: monica@migact.net

Laura Juliet Strakova
Copywriter and Community Engagement Specialist

I am a community-based participatory theatremaker, community organizer, educator, and peacebuilder. I have 10 years’ experience facilitating anti-oppression workshops and co-creating projects with frontline communities, NGOs, social movement makers, and educators on social justice and equity. Within MigAct, I centre participatory theatre and culture work to support civic engagement and build power for peaceful change using Theatre of the Oppressed, Playback Theatre, Public Narrative and other expressive arts. I am founding Director of Rehearsal for Reality z.s., a theatre for social change. When not facilitating projects or workshops, I love performing onstage and taking long train trips.

Contact: laura@migact.net

Aneta Dufková
Communication and social media specialist

Aneta manages social media for MigAct and handles other tasks related to the organization’s communication. She spent several years living abroad, which allowed her to experience what it is like to be a foreigner in a country with different culture, values, and customs. This experience motivated Aneta to cooperate with MigAct, whose mission deeply resonated with her. During her free time, Aneta enjoys exploring new places and spending time in nature. She also finds pleasure in reading, practicing yoga, and meditation.

Contact: aneta@migact.net

Daniel Mitev
Multidisciplinary Designer

Daniel is a multidisciplinary designer who has been an integral part of MigAct since its inception, contributing significantly to the visual department. From creating event posters to designing and developing the website, Daniel’s expertise has been instrumental in shaping MigAct’s visual identity. With over six years in the creative industry, Daniel is passionate about crafting both static and motion visuals that effectively communicate the message. His extensive experience spans collaborations with clients of various sizes, including small companies, large corporations, and both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Notable clients include UNICEF, OSCE, and the Government of North Macedonia, among others.

Contact: hi@danielmevit.com

Justyna Janowska MigAct founder Fundraiser, commnity enagement specialist

Justyna Janowska
Co-Founder, Community Engagement Specialist

Justyna is one of the co-founders of MigAct. They are involved in community building and fundraising. Besides that Justyna teaches self-defense, and workshops on inclusion, interculturality and tackling prejudices at schools. They also coordinate micro-grants program at the Integration center Prague. Justyna has been involved in activist groups for several years supporting human rights of various vulnerable groups (women’s rights, workers rights and empowerment of LGBTQ+ community with special focus on migrants and refugees). They like bringing joy to civic engagement, dancing, walking in nature and empowering themselves and others.

Contact: justyna@migact.net

Leslie Nicholson
Co-Founder, Community Engagement Specialist

Contact: leslie@migact.net

Tereza Šemberová
Financial manager

Contact: tereza@migact.net

Marina Puzdrova
Co-Founder, Executive Board Member

Contact: marina@migact.net

Ben Curtis
Expert (outreach, communication, evaluation)

Benjamin Curtis, PhD, is a writer and researcher originally from the USA. He conducts analysis, evaluation, and behavioral insights projects for governments, international organizations, and NGOs. He previously worked for the British government and was for many years a professor at Seattle University in the United States. Civic engagement is central to his career and personal vision for what makes a healthy society. Hobbies include classical music and hiking through the Czech mountains.
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