MigAct z.s.

Our Vision

MigAct strives towards an inclusive and diverse civil society.

Our Mission

MigAct brings together active people, local civic initiatives and NGOs that work towards positive change in our society. It serves as a place for sharing experience and knowledge, mutual support and networking. We focus on capacity building and empowering individuals so that they can be active in society, believe in themselves, and realize their potential.


In the vibrant city of Prague, where one-third of the population has diverse migration backgrounds, MigAct emerged as a dynamic civic initiative. Its roots can be traced back to InBáze z.s., a non-profit organization with extensive experience supporting migrants and their families in the Czech Republic.

The journey began as a response to the growing demand for counseling, education, and support in civic engagement from the people we encountered at InBaze. In June 2022, a group of passionate individuals and organizations convened to discuss the potential and purpose of MigAct. Over the following months, a series of participative meetings solidified its mission.

In November 2022, MigAct was officially launched, reflecting a shared commitment to making civil society more accessible and inclusive for all. By October 2023, it had evolved into a formal association, a testament to its founders’ dedication. MigAct’s story is one of transformation, community, and the pursuit of an inclusive future. It invites everyone to participate in the ongoing journey toward a more accessible and diverse civil society.

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